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Muzi's New Book




             JUST RELEASED!!!
To some religious conservatives, Muzi Cindi is a dangerous heretic and a rebel from the faith; without a doctrinally correct cause. ...


Many have accused him of being demonically duped and in a pact with the devil. His books are to be avoided at all costs. Many have already consigned him to Eternal Conscious Torture (ECT) or referred to him as: Eternally Condemned Apostate (ECA).

To others though, Muzi has become a fresh voice, an antidote to the staleness, superficiality, and negativity of the religious status quo. Many claim that they have begun to rediscover the faith they had lost or rejected. Many have said that he has helped them to find a spirituality that makes sense and rings true.
In his new book, Cindi invites you to discover afresh a revelation of Jesus that is not tribal, religious, or sectarian. A revelation that; ignites hope and good news for everyone; whatever their their gender, race, class, politic, or religion. He is opinion that our historic orthodox Christianity got the idea of God and Jesus of Nazareth very badly wrong.
Read or download your free copy here (1 MB):  The Second Coming of Christ


Hey Muzi! This one looks like a must have. I need a signed copy for my mom coz the last time she only got to read half of what you had to say

Good luck!!!



Could not get who you really are. You can email me at and I will post the book to you. GOD BLESS!!!