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About this Website

The mission of this Website is to foster a new secular society based on the new religious thought, pluralism, emergent Christianity, science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values.

To oppose and supplant the mythological narratives of the past, and the dogmas of the present, the world needs a platform devoted to promoting 21st century Christianity, science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values. 

I believe that faith mixed with evidence-based reasoning, in which humans work together to address common concerns, is critical for modern world civilization. Moreover, unlike many other institutions, I maintain that scientific methods and reasoning should be utilized in examining the claims of both pseudoscience and religion. I reject abstract mysticism and blind faith. No topic should be placed off limits to scrutiny—certainly not fringe science and religion, which have an enormous influence on beliefs and conduct.
I also maintain that values are properly the subject of study and discussion as much as empirical claims. Ideological doctrine and religious dogma have no more right to dictate our moral norms than they do to influence scientific research.
In aiming to foster a secular society, we do not seek to abridge the rights of believers. I do not oppose the free exercise of religion. The new secular Christianity I am promoting and committed to building is a community of reason and compassion in which the dignity and fundamental rights of all individuals are respected. My goal is to empower our Christian tradition’s faith and our Christ to be heard through our new scientific age in new accents and in contemporary thought forms. It alsi sketches my vision for a new global spirituality that incorporates the best of our legacy from the modern era.

I have just read the review of your new book on Nic's site and greatly looking forward to read it.

I enjoy your fearless willness to up-turn tables.

It reminds me of a quotation from Erwin McManus

“Two thousand years ago God started a revolt against the religion He started . So don’t ever put it past God to cause a groundswell movement against churches and Christian institutions that bear His name. If He was willing to turn Judaism upside down, don’t think for a moment our institutions are safe from divine revolt. I am convinced that even now there are multitudes of followers of Jesus Christ who are sick and tired of the church playing games and playing down the call of God. My travels only confirm that the murmurings of revolution are everywhere. I am convinced that there is an uprising in the works and that no one less than God is behind it.”

Thanks Andrew,
I also truly believe we are in the midst of a great revolution. It is a quiet revolution that is affecting the jagular of our belief - THE GOD CONCEPT.
No one is preaching this message but people are slowly moving away from the ugly image of God that they inherited in their childhood.
I'm reminded of Paul's words in 1 Cor 13:11 - "when I was a child I spoke like a child, I reasoned like a child ..." It is about time that we leave the childhood behaviour of imagining God as a capricious deity formed in the image of our earthly Kings.

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